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Tacks & Tack Strips


Create clean, finished edges on your upholstery projects by using tack strips from Sailrite®. These strips are employed beneath the fabric to create clean, crisp edges and to secure the fabric in place without visible staples or fasteners. Sailrite stocks a variety of unique types of tack strips, including flexible, traditional upholstery and cardboard tack strips, all of which have their own special purposes.

You’ll find dozens of uses for our versatile Cardboard Upholstery Tack Strip. This style is a good option for anyone who wants to create a straight line while blind-tacking welt seams in place, and it can also be used to keep piping from drooping. We recommend cardboard tack strips for use under the outside arms and along the top backs of chairs. The Flexible Metal Tack Strip is the best type of strip to use if you need to cleanly upholster curved areas, such as on curved arms or arched chair backs. It’s made from galvanized metal material and features a three-tooth design that provides additional gripping strength.

Sailrite also carries traditional Upholstery Tack Strips that create a straight smooth edges on the outside arms and backs of upholstered pieces. It tacks the fabric in place securely and is relatively easy to install, so it’s a very good choice where you want to finish upholstery edges without exposing staples or other types of fasteners. This selection also includes a low-cost multipack of steel upholstery tacks that you can use to attach fabrics quickly using a tack hammer. Simple tacks can also be used to create a unique, decorative accent. For more information on how to install tack strips, be sure to read our guide to Three Types of Upholstery Tack Strips.

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